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IT operations – Reliable, Performant, Secure

Our operations and hosting services include systems engineering, managed IT services, application management and 24/7 support – whether you want to offer software via the cloud or on your own infrastructure.

Securing IT and Software Applications

Software Operation

From the conception of the system architecture to operation and maintenance, we ensure the security and availability of your IT and software applications. We support both standard and individual software solutions on all platforms. System engineering forms the bridge between you, the developers and the data center to ensure economically viable and customer-oriented operation. Our goal is a “as simple as possible” and clearly structured system architecture in terms of complexity reduction.

We monitor the availability of your project around the clock, seven days a week. We identify and rectify faults independently, carry out regular SLA reviews and provide recommendations on software updates, the establishment of support structures and emergency plans.

In cooperation with selected and proven partners, such as the Berlin-based hosting company mpex, we offer managed IT services. The company convinces with its years of experience, its ISO27001-certified data center and the ability to implement complex projects in the shortest possible time. We guarantee the Service Level Agreement (SLA) agreed with you and are guided by the ITIL standard and the security guidelines according to BSI IT-Grundschutz.

Our Services

System Engineering

Reliable software operation starts with the architecture. Our system engineering experts design, plan and optimize the server and software infrastructure tailored to your needs.

Managed Application Service

High availability, performance, security and flexibility are the cornerstones of our managed application services. In addition, we offer you individual and comprehensive maintenance and administration of your application.

Managed IT-Services

In order to make applications truly highly available, a hosting solution is ultimately required that guarantees the greatest possible availability of hardware and infrastructure as well as short response times from competent service staff.

24/7 Support

Our support team is available to you for the seamless and reliable productive operation of software applications and the associated services and components.

Docker, DevOps and Microservices

Flexibility and Agility in Software Development

Web projects are becoming increasingly complex and the half-life of the technologies used in them is getting shorter and shorter. In the competition for customers, new features and updates have to be integrated continuously. Traditional software development processes and procedures are reaching their limits. DevOps, Docker and microservices create new opportunities to implement digital projects faster and more flexibly. Applications can thus go live much faster and be updated during ongoing operations.

Container Technology

Get Software Running

With containers, the previously cumbersome software development becomes more agile and the scalability of applications more flexible. The customer saves time and money. Here, Docker is the leading and fastest growing container technology on the market and Neofonie is your “digital logistics service provider”. Because the decisive factor is how and what is packed into the containers in order to save resources and time during development and administration. Here, all necessary functions and applications are packed into several “containers”, which are provided flexibly and scalably as a virtual environment, so that continuous delivery and continuous integration can also be lived practically.



Microservices are independent services that can be used to design large service and software systems in a modular way. They offer the opportunity to increase speed and efficiency in the development and management of software solutions through Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment. We support you in creating an agile system architecture, regardless of whether you want to build individual services as microservices or entire microservices architectures.


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