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The future of e-commerce for B2B & B2C

The Internet is not only the largest market place in the world, many corporate activities have now shifted completely to the Internet. This poses new challenges for e-commerce. As an e-commerce agency, Neofonie develops individual shop solutions for B2B and B2C trade.


E-Commerce for B2B and B2C

Individual Shopsolutions for your Onlineshop

With the increasing importance of online trading, modern e-commerce solutions today not only represent shop solutions, but are part of new business models - entire ecosystems. E-commerce portals therefore contain a wide range of functions, such as customer management, financial accounting, marketing & social media activities, intelligent search solutions and multimedia connections.


The Internet as a sales channel for a wide variety of products therefore not only places demands on a targeted customer approach, but also requires adjustments to corporate processes and strategies. Every e-commerce solution is as individual as your business and your customers. We integrate and expand existing shop systems or develop completely individually. We accompany you and advise you in your e-commerce strategy and implementation.

Our Services

Strategy & conception

Before the actual development, we will be happy to advise you on the strategic orientation and the significance of e-commerce for your company and show potentials that will pay off for your business model!

Commerce architecture

Nowadays, a store system can fulfill various functions. It is important to work out exactly your own and future needs for the system in advance and to form them into an architecture.

B2B & B2C commerce

B2B and B2C commerce have their own challenges. We advise you on what exactly to consider in which discipline and which e-commerce approach will lead you to success!

Mobile Commerce

In addition to websites, we also develop mobile e-commerce applications for all the latest mobile technologies, so you can reach your users on the go!

Neofonie is a partner of the following shop systems


Shopware is one of the most powerful store systems, Made in Germany and impresses with a high level of user-friendliness, the use of the latest technologies, sophisticated marketing functions and an incomparable design.


Spryker Commerce OS enables companies to develop highly individualized, digital business models for the B2B and B2C sectors against the backdrop of ever-increasing device diversity and the growing complexity of the customer journey.

SAP Commerce

SAP’s Commerce platform is a powerful cloud solution that can be flexibly adapted to individual business requirements and is ideal for omnichannel commerce. The platform, formerly SAP Hybris, is one of the leading commerce solutions in the German-speaking region.


Shopify is a powerful and intuitive store system for small to medium-sized businesses. The commerce solution combines online and offline with additional point of sales features, high usability, automated processes and high connectivity.


With the highly available omnichannel platform commerctools, international retailers and manufacturers can map a wide variety of B2C and B2B commerce models across all sales channels and for all end devices, and flexibly connect existing company processes and technologies using the extensive e-commerce API.


The SCAYLE Commerce Engine is a powerful B2B store software from ABOUT YOU Holding SE. It bundles tech and industry expertise into a SaaS solution to help brand owners and retailers build B2B online commerce and scale digital D2C business.

Shop System Evaluation

Shop Systems form the Basis to Successful Online Shops

E-commerce includes more than just an online shop - with Neofonie, e-commerce becomes an entire ecosystem. There are many shop systems on the market, all of which have different functions and focus on different things. The choice of a suitable shop system poses great challenges, especially with the abundance of providers, the functions offered and your own requirements. We will help you and advise you on the selection of a suitable shop system that will transform your ideas into a sustainable project.


Content driven e-commerce

Content Commerce & Storytelling

Online retailers are always faced with the question of how potential customers can be emotionally bound and encouraged to buy their products through the right campaigns. Emotional language, images and stories play an essential role in providing the shop visitor with more than just pure product information. Emotions create enthusiasm.

In addition to the actual development, we round off our range of services with the conception and design of your website and SEO advice!

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