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Amor has been selling authentic jewelry for over 40 years and is Europe’s market leader in the mid-price range. Now the jewelry brand presents its new online store, which was conceptualized, designed and implemented by Neofonie.


Strengthened Online Trade With

Amor sells over 8 million pieces of jewelry annually at more than 3,000 points of sale in 21 countries worldwide. In the future, the online store is to become the new digital stage for up to 20,000 products and the most important communication tool for the Amor brand. To this end, Neofonie has taken the online store to a new level on the basis of Shopware 6.


  • Conception

  • Design

  • Development

  • Operation


Focus is the User Experience

At the heart of the store is a distinctive user experience with the brand and the jewelry. The user experiences a well thought-out user guidance, immerses themselves in large-scale image worlds and can be inspired by a broad infotainment offer consisting of stories about the jewelry pieces. The user is thus guided through the wide range of products, finds inspiration and discovers unique pieces of jewelry – regardless of the device. The appealing and clear design underlines both the quality of the products and the attractive price-performance ratio.

Shopware 6

Engine of the Online Business

The store was designed with a high degree of flexibility in mind. The headless store system Shopware 6 provides the appropriate basis for this. It opens up a wide range of possibilities for Amor to grow, offer new services and thus meet customer needs. Landing pages, product and category pages can be modularly adapted to requirements and supplemented by social media and storytelling elements.


  • 20,000 products

  • Scalable and flexible store solution

  • Mobile first approach

  • Frontend and backend development

  • Adaptable for other Amor brands

Thanks to Neofonie, we have succeeded in repositioning ourselves in e-commerce with the new online store, strengthening our brand and immersing our customers in a world of gold, silver and sparkling gemstones.

Maximilian Schreiner, Vice President of E-Commerce


Our Client

Amor Gruppe

The Amor Group is one of the most successful European jewelry suppliers. Founded in 1978, the Amor Group is now represented in 21 countries and, with its own jewelry brand amor, is the market leader in Europe for genuine jewelry made of sterling silver and gold in a large selection at affordable prices.

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