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Wrapper SDK: Tracking, content and advertising from a single source

Crossplan Germany puts an end to complex development environments and compatibility problems in the advertising marketing of audio apps. With its new Wrapper SDK, audio publishers have all the SDKs they need for data-driven app advertising and audio marketing easily and efficiently at their disposal for integration into their own app landscape.


Data-driven Marketing for Audio Apps

As an audio expert and innovator, Crossplan Deutschland supports radio stations and audio producers in the digitization and data-driven marketing of their offerings. To this end, the Hamburg-based technology service provider operates a data management platform that collects usage data and plays out target-group-specific content offers and enables targeted advertising on digital platforms.

The integration of tracking and advertising functions into the app is indispensable for the collection of data and the user-centric playout of advertising offers. Third-party providers usually provide corresponding software development kits (SDKs) for this purpose. The restriction of the respective SDKs to certain functionalities and specific platforms means that the use of several SDKs places integration requirements on systems and environments, which in some cases lead to considerable additional effort.

To enable audio publishers to easily integrate all desired features for effective audio marketing for their apps, a wrapper SDK has been developed that sets new digital standards.


  • Concept workshop

  • Customization SDKs for iOS and Android

  • Development of a wrapper SDK

  • Creation of tutorial, tech documentation

  • Deployment of a sample app


One SDK for Tracking, Content and Advertising

Neofonie Mobile first analyzed all previous SDKs for iOS and Android associated with the data management platform as part of technological workshops. The SDKs integrated in version 1 include the Usercentrix Content Management Platform for DSGVO-compliant tracking as well as the SDKs from AdsWizz, Sensic GfK, Emetriq and Salesforce. For each individual SDK, tools, interfaces and code snippets were adapted to ensure smooth integration into the app landscape.

The SDKs for the wrapper SDK were then encapsulated. This means that, on the one hand, the functional scope of each individual SDK is retained and, on the other hand, the Wrapper SDK can be expanded to include additional SDKs. Crossplan Germany can thus configure the selection of SDKs individually for publishers without losing interrelationships and functions.

The wrapper SDK is available for both iOS and Android.


Tutorial, Technological Documentation and Sample App

Developers using the Wrapper SDK from Crossplan Germany receive a tutorial created by Neofonie Mobile and comprehensive tech documentation. On this basis, Crossplan Germany can work with audio publishers to both individually configure the Wrapper SDK and integrate the desired SDKs.

In addition, Neofonie Mobile provides a simple sample app that demonstrates the functionality of the wrapper SDK using a simulated publisher app. This allows developers to see the included SDKs and segments, as well as test ad placement via a test URL and test player.


New standards for audio marketing

With the Wrapper SDK, Crossplan Germany paves the way for audio publishers to achieve efficient, data-driven and programmatic audio in-app marketing. The Wrapper SDK contains all the essential functions for a DSGVO-compliant collection and evaluation of digital usage data, the mobile-friendly playout of audio campaigns, and the connection to the data management platform for bundling the data. It enables the simple connection of data tools of the audio publisher as well as third-party providers such as Salesforce and Adsense to the data management platform of Crossplan Deutschland and thus sets new standards for the audio industry. Crossplan Deutschland is thus positioning itself as a driving force for the audio industry and as a market-leading technology service provider for innovative user-centric audio marketing.

Our Client

About Crossplan Deutschland

Crossplan Deutschland is a technology service provider founded in 2018 by the private radio companies Radio-Kombi Baden-Württemberg, Radio-Kombi CP Media Südwest, Regiocast and NWZ/Frank, which collects and processes data for online audio offerings using a data management platform. To this end, Crossplan Deutschland bundles data from more than 450 audio streams from 45 radio stations, structures them and processes them into usable target group segments for advertising and targeting. In addition to data management and audience building, the audio experts’ core competencies include campaign management and native audio solutions.

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