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Relaunch of PMG Press Database

PMG Presse-Monitor GmbH has relaunched its press database. Neofonie designed the technical and structural changes to the PMG press database, which now presents itself with more user-friendly structures and even faster processes, and integrated Neofonie’s semantic text analysis solution into the search.


Relaunch of the Largest Daily Press Database

For media monitoring, more than 170.000 articles from 700 newspaper and magazine publishers are available daily in the largest daily press database in the German-speaking world, the PMG Press Database, and is used by more than 3.000 customers. With a view to media monitoring and evaluation, which is always under time pressure, the processes and interfaces of the press database were to be optimized with a relaunch.



  • Consulting

  • User Experience Design

  • Development


  • TXTWerk

  • HTML5


Fresh Design with Smart Search

With the help of semantic text analysis, texts in the PMG press database are analyzed, classified and enriched so that the search algorithm includes not only the actual search terms but also the textual environment in the evaluation. As a result, users can now find content that is relevant to them even faster.


Simplified Workflows

A clean and uncomplicated transition for all users with optimal support from PMG’s consultants was the focus of efforts from the very beginning. The user interfaces were converted to contemporary HTML5 technology and, at the same time, the usability was significantly increased. Simplified processes for setting up and managing research orders and account management allow for more efficient media evaluation and help users reach their goals through intuitive user guidance. In order to analyze the texts in the PMG press database quickly and efficiently and make them usable for further exploitation, the search function has been fundamentally revised. The focus lies particularly on the ability to first quickly evaluate the relevance of the article content.

We are pleased, that we can now provide our customers with considerably better operable tools for article search and evaluation. This was made possible by a close and trusting cooperation with Neofonie GmbH.

Dr. Oliver Graßy, Managing Director

PMG Presse-Monitor

Our Client

PMG Presse-Monitor GmbH

PMG Presse-Monitor GmbH is a company of German newspaper and magazine publishers. With the largest daily press database in German-speaking countries, PMG is the leading company for digital media monitoring and media evaluation. PMG markets content and rights from more than 700 newspaper and magazine publishers with approximately 3.000 sources. From its location in Berlin, PMG serves over 3.500 customers from companies, associations and public institutions as well as media monitoring services and PR agencies.

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