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HUK-COBURG – My Health App

HUK-COBURG offers its customers a comprehensive digital service package covering all aspects of health.
The topics of health, united in one app. Neofonie supports the product with expertise in the Android development.

My health app from HUK-COBURG

From insurance rate to everyday companion

Staying physically and mentally healthy – a frequently mentioned wish when it comes to expectations for one’s own future. In recent years, this mere wish has become a way of life. Health is “the” new status symbol: In the future, it will no longer play a sporadic secondary role and be limited to the annual check-up at the doctor’s office, but will be integrated into people’s everyday lives in a comprehensible and individualized way. This development paves the way for the healthcare system of the future and thus also for innovative products.


  • Conception

  • UX Design

  • Development



The health app from HUK-COBURG

With the app “Meine Gesundheit” (My Health), HUK-COBURG is following this trend by serving its customers both as an advisor, self-management tool and provider of interactive services in health matters. In cooperation with Neofonie, what started out as a pure source of information about traveling abroad has developed into a digital companion that functions in both a preventive and a caring form.
The app includes features such as interactive back training, a health ABC, a flexible offering for online consultations, and the option to digitally submit and manage invoices, contracts, and personal data.



Finding instead of searching

An easy-to-use, hit-optimized search function that presents results in a better and more accessible way – that was the goal. The existing search on the website was fundamentally revised in terms of technology, design and usability.

As a result, not only the speed and quality of the search results have been improved, but also their presentation: certain content can now be displayed directly in the search results and targeted by HUK itself, for example seasonally or on certain occasions.

Finding instead of searching leads to a new customer experience, creates enthusiasm and, not least, enables crosselling potential.


An iOS and Android app to provide convenient access to useful information about travel destinations, including:

  • Vaccination recommendations and disease warnings

  • Checklists for travel preparation

  • 24h emergency contact function with GPS tracking

  • An overseas emergency hotline

Our new app is a further step towards strengthening our competitiveness and customer proximity with the help of additional services.

Melanie Kollarsch

Marketing HUK COBURG

Our client


With over eleven million customers, HUK-COBURG is the major insurer for private households with traditionally low-cost offerings ranging from motor vehicle insurance, liability, accident, property and legal protection insurance to private health, life and private pension insurance. HUK-COBURG, headquartered in Coburg, employed a total of more than 10,000 people at the end of 2016.

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