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We get more from your text data

In the age of the data economy, the ability to transform data into information is a crucial competitive factor. It’s time to think about the potential of AI-based text analysis!

For future-proof Companies

Artificial Intelligence Based Text Mining

The data treasures that lie dormant in companies are immense. Texts that exist, for example, in the form of articles, documents, e-mails, websites, surveys, studies or social media channels contain valuable information. Neofonie supports you in making use of this information with NLP (Natural Language Processing). Our text mining expertise helps you evaluate, structure, enrich and monitor texts. Semantic methods can be used to extract structured data (metadata) from unstructured text data, which can then be further processed using machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Text mining and text analysis in combination with search applications and solutions have been a central part of our offering since our foundation more than 20 years ago. Neofonie provides solutions that allow texts to be extracted in an automated, cost-saving manner and analyzed quickly. Our goal is to provide technology that fully understands documents. Our expertise lies in the analysis of German texts.

Our AI Services


Recognition of the most important keywords, people, places, organizations, events and others allows to categorize and cluster texts.

Semantic Text Analysis

Semantic methods can be used to extract structured data (metadata) from the unstructured text data, which can then be further processed by machine learning and artificial intelligence.

NLP & Machine Learning

Our core competence is the processing of natural language text data (NLP), especially German texts. The goal of our research department is to create a technology that understands texts automatically and improves itself in the process.

Smart Search

The more relevant information searchers offer, the more likely you are to satisfy search intent. Enrich your search results with more relevant text or other media, such as images or audio.


From enterprise search to smart search

The accessibility of information both within company data and texts, as well as on web portals and online stores, is becoming increasingly important for the success of a company as the flood of information increases. Search engines help users to orient themselves in the flood of information and to quickly find what they are looking for. Whether as a company-wide search, site searches on portals and stores or as a search solution for smartphones or connected cars – we develop solutions for efficient searching and finding. We take into account filter functions, auto-complete, typos, location-based searches and customize customer requirements.


Text mining tool for indexing texts

With the TXTWerk API, you can make current or archived content accessible in a fully automated, efficient and cost-effective manner. Through the automated enrichment of texts with extracted metadata (keywords or named entity recognition for persons, places, organizations, times, etc.) and additional information (enrichment through knowledge bases such as ontologies, taxonomies), through classification and further semantic enrichment (subjectivity analysis, citation recognition, coreference analysis), these can then be used for further operational value creation.

Our Roots

Many Years of Research

Research has played a central role at Neofonie from the very beginning, because this is where our roots are. Since the development of the first German search engine “Fireball”, Neofonie has combined machine learning methods with semantic methods, i.e. linguistic methods with content understanding. To this end, we maintain a long research tradition in which digital documents are at the center of our fundamentally application-oriented research work. We research intelligent methods with the help of which the growing data stocks – whether on the Internet or in the enterprise – can be made usable.

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Lead Consultant Search