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Just be the boss: The 'CE Chef Easy' app makes it possible.

The digital information service, “CE Chef easy” app, provides executives with current news and relevant information – from personnel and salary issues to strategic topics. Neofonie Mobile conceived, designed and implemented the app.

Spot-on practical knowledge

Digital information service

The IWW Institut für Wissen in der Wirtschaft GmbH pursues the goal of making knowledge available for professional practice in a time-saving manner and offers filtered and specialized information for individual occupational groups. For employers, the IWW now offers a container app that brings news, videos and graphics to smartphones and tablets. The “CE Chef easy” app simultaneously offers additional mobile features such as push notifications and native navigation with offline mode. As a one-stop shop for employers, IWW wants to offer a mobile version of the CE Chef website. Neofonie Mobile was commissioned to implement the corresponding app.



  • Concept creation

  • Development



Intuitive handling

Native navigation with offline mode

The “CE Chef easy” app brings all the information from the website to the smartphone or tablet and at the same time offers additional mobile functions such as push notifications and native navigation with offline mode. Practical aids such as checklists, sample formulations and contracts from employment law can be downloaded directly from the app. This means that users have all the relevant information at their fingertips, even when they’re on the move.


Cost efficient alternative

Container App

The Container App offers the cheapest and fastest way to release in Apple’s App Store as well as Google Play. Many functionalities that were already developed for the web were reused in the app. In the further development, as well as the maintenance and care of web and app, further synergy effects result in the long term.


Push feature

Publishing App

As a publishing app, the website content is brought to smartphones and tablets in a device-optimized format and is also available offline. With the help of the push feature, the user is always kept up to date.



  • Mobile publishing App

  • Push-notifications

  • Native navigation with offline mode

  • White label app for iOS and Android

Our client

About IWW

The Institut für Wissen in der Wirtschaft GmbH (IWW) is a subsidiary of the Vogel Communication Group. The IWW filters out what is professionally relevant from the daily flood of news and prepares it in a subject-specific manner.

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