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Continued Development of the myCare SAP Commerce Platform

With the continuous optimization and further development of the existing platform of the online pharmacy, the mail order company hopes to increase visibility and conversion. Neofonie supports myCare in keeping the platform technically up to date as well as adapting it to market and user needs.


Platform On Course For Growth

myCare is one of the largest mail-order pharmacies in Germany and offers more than 90,000 products from the medical and cosmetic sectors. As an online pharmacy, the online store is the central point of contact for myCare’s business model. Smooth operation and the ability to constantly adapt the e-commerce platform to market needs are essential for growth and conversion increases. In order to position as an innovative and state-of-the-art platform in the highly competitive pharmacy market, myCare has chosen Neofonie as its new digital partner agency due to its technical and e-commerce expertise.


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SAP Commerce as a Stable Commerce Platform

The myCare online store is based on the e-commerce platform SAP Commerce, which is operated in the on-premise variant. In the initial phase, the focus was on building a stable and robust platform. For this purpose, a new deployment infrastructure based on Docker and Jenkins was set up, as well as a completely new staging environment for integration and test processes. The source code and data basis were reworked and brought to an optimal level for the new platform. Bug fixing and stabilization of both the software quality and the editorial system followed, which led to quick success due to the close cooperation between myCare, the hoster mpex and Neofonie.

Continued Development

Online Store as Growth Driver

Neofonie supports myCare in the continued development of the platform. In a consolidation phase, measures for optimizing the website were developed for this purpose and documented in the backlog, which will be successively assessed and processed. Various measures were taken to improve myCare’s search engine ranking and user conversion. Starting with the analysis of the Core Web Vitals and the PageSpeed over optimization of the performance and Canonical tags to the introduction of new image formats (WebP) and the revision of the sitemap. In addition, adjustments were made with regard to ERP data transfer. In weekly releases, the innovations and maintenance work are implemented according to the agile working method Kanban.

Continued Development

New Features

As a partner agency, Neofonie also advises on new, technical market requirements and the associated improved service options. In consultation with the customer, joint ideas for new features are developed and implemented. This included the new myCare app, which was created by Neofonie Mobile on the basis of the mobile website using Webview. On the web level, adjustments were made to the app container to align the menu and page structure for the app. Just like in the app, a scan function was implemented on the website, which can be used to scan the DataMatrix code of e-prescriptions. In addition, new conditions were integrated for marketing and promotional campaigns, which, for example, enable app users to receive free shipping.


Security First

Since SAP’s announcement that the commerce platform would only be offered as a cloud solution, SAP has been steadily limiting the range of services for functions and security for on-premise licenses. Neofonie is responsible for DevOps application operation and ensures security updates, monitors and validates the feature scope of new updates, and provides support through necessary in-house development if necessary.


log4j Security Gap

In December 2021, myCare was affected by the security vulnerability of the Java logging library log4j. Neofonie identified and fixed the vulnerabilities within a very short time. This ensured constant, secure operation.

Our Client

Robert-Koch-Apotheke myCARE e.K.

The Lutherstadt Wittenberg-based mail-order pharmacy has been on the market since 2004, making it one of the first of its kind. With more than 3.3 million customers worldwide, myCare is one of the largest online pharmacies in Germany. As a mail-order pharmacy, myCare not only ensures the supply of medicines, but is also a competent contact in all matters relating to health and prevention.

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