Elasticsearch Modul For Magnolia CMS

The Elasticsearch module for the Content Management System „Magnolia CMS“ is a simple and powerful Interface, that combines the Potential of Search Technology and Content Management. Huge data amounts can be easily indexed and executed performantly, which allows users to access the desired search object more quickly.

neofonie_elasticsearch_appAn effective search function in websites and onlineshops leads to a higher conversion rate. The user can quickly access the respective topic or article without clicking through the navigation. Already integrated search functions in content management systems quickly reach their limits when indexing.


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With the additional search engine Elasticsearch, any texts and data can be indexed and made searchable. As part of the partnership with Magnolia CMS, Neofonie has developed an interface that allows developers to make full use of the Elasticsearch features within Magnolia CMS without having to redevelop the interface from scratch.

The Elasticsearch module has several features for configuring indexing requests. Aside from full-text searches, content can also be indexed periodically and equipped individually with command and action classes. Performance benefits are especially noticeable when it comes to data retrieval and item quantities in large data bases. There are relevant templates for the implementation of search formulas and results pages as well as several features for the monitoring and maintenance of the Elasticsearch server.

The module is compatible with Magnolia Enterprise Edition 5.4 and above.

Elasticsearch for Magnolia CMS

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